Sustainability is about doing more with less

Real Expertise Real Assets™

Innovation is ingrained in our DNA​ as a Global Private Markets Real Assets Manager

Sustainability is about doing more with less

Real Expertise Real Assets™

Innovation is ingrained in our DNA​ as a Global Private Markets Real Assets Manager

Real Expertise | Real Assets™

Capital Innovations Global Private Markets Real Asset Investment Solutions Platform

Our global private markets real asset platform is engineered by experts in combination with the best talent found around the world, utilizing a machine-driven scoring tool to substantiate our human decision-making in the investment selection process. Capital Innovations quantitative approach to private markets infrastructure, natural resources and real estate investments delivers innovative, risk-managed investment solutions to investors worldwide.

We work with our clients to conceive, structure, build out, manage, and monitor portfolios of private markets funds and direct investments, and we help them access a diversified set of such investment opportunities worldwide. 

Our clients are principally large, sophisticated, global investors that rely on our private markets expertise, deep industry relationships, differentiated investment access, risk management capabilities, proprietary data advantages and analytical tools to navigate the increasing complexity and opacity of private markets investing. While some maintain their own internal investment teams, our clients look to us for additional expertise, advice, and outsourcing capabilities. 

We were founded in 2007 and have been dedicated to private markets investing for over a decade offering a variety of investment solutions to address our clients’ needs across a range of private markets, including infrastructure, natural resources, and real estate. These solutions are constructed from a range of investment types, including primary investments in funds managed by third-party managers, direct/co-investments alongside such funds and acquisitions of secondary stakes in such funds, with a number of our clients utilizing multiple investment types. 

Spanning nearly 27 years and covering approximately 1,000+ fund managers and over 2,000 funds, our database contains detailed information on private markets investments and portfolio companies.

Our client and investor base includes institutions and intermediaries is broadly diversified by type, size, and geography. Our client base primarily comprises institutional investors that range from those seeking to make an initial investment in alternative assets to some of the largest and most sophisticated private markets investment programs. As a highly customized, flexible outsourcing partner, we are equipped to provide investment services to institutional clients of all sizes and with different needs, internal resources, and investment objectives. Our clients include prominent institutional investors in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and Latin America.

We have provided private markets solutions and services to two of the world’s largest pension funds, two of the largest state pension plans in the United States and one of the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds in Asia. In addition, we positioned ourselves as a leading provider of private markets solutions for U.S. labor union pension plans, and we serve numerous smaller public and corporate pension plans, sovereign wealth funds, financial institutions, endowments and foundations, as well as family offices and selected high-net-worth individuals.

Our intermediary clients enable us to provide our investment products to an expanded range of high-net-worth individuals and families. We have a diversified revenue stream from a variety of client types in multiple geographic regions.

A significant portion of our revenue base is recurring and is based on the long-term nature of our specialized funds and customized separate accounts, as well as long-term relationships with many of our clients, providing highly predictable cash flows. Our average customized separate account client relationship is almost a decade. In addition to the stable nature of our long-term relationships, the need for our clients to continually invest additional capital to maintain or grow their private markets allocations has allowed us to grow our total customized separate account management fees from our existing client base by more than 5% for each of our last three fiscal years. 

Finally, we believe that our strong low-ego culture is a key factor driving our success in developing and maintaining high-quality relationships with clients, prospects, other business partners and current and potential employees. We are proud that our culture has been recognized by several prominent trade organizations and publications through numerous awards. We believe that our culture will continue to play an important role in supporting our future growth.

Sustainability in Capital Innovations DNA

Co-Founder Michael Underhill is Chairman Emeritus of the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment (UNPRI) Infrastructure work stream. His leadership in engineering one of the very first global responsible investment compendiums used by over 3,000 Institutional Investors worldwide was critical to the foundation of present day Sustainable Investing. 

What's in a Name - Millau Viaduct Bridge Logo

In everything we do, its our belief that being innovative creates a viable solution. 

We do this by employing precise engineering, superior construction and unique ideas to our investment solutions. 

Michel Virogeux (french Structural engineer) and Norman Foster (British architect) had this vision as well when they designed the bridge.

Billions flowing into distressed real estate funds

Opportunistic Capital Prepares for Distressed Real Estate

Capital Innovations CIO interviewed by National Real Estate Investor regarding investors interest in co-investment opportunities in distressed assets and loans. 

May 2020

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